Gluten Free

Have you been diagnosed with coeliac disease?
Do you suspect you are gluten intolerant?
Are you overwhelmed with the thought of having to go gluten free?
Have you had negative tests to coeliac disease but still feel like it’s a problem?
Has someone in your family been recently diagnosed with Coeliac and now you are wondering how this affects you?
Has a gluten free diet not given you the relief you thought it would?

I was lucky enough to have an article in my favourite mag "Australian Gluten-Free Life" in issue #19, based on a chapter from my book. Such a happy moment!

Also if you have been diagnosed with Coeliac or Non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity, then there is so much more you need to know apart from how to avoid gluten. There are so many issues facing those on a gluten free diet, like the grief/loss, the socialising, what to do when you accidentally get “glutened” (ingest gluten), the reactions of others and most importantly, how to live a gluten free life and love it!

If you have been following a gluten free diet, but still suffer with tummy issues, then it is worth finding out why. There could be other tummy issues behind your symptoms and we can find out what they are to truly get you feeling well.

When you have to go gluten free for life, you will definitely have times when you accidentally (or knowingly, it’s hard to be perfect) get “glutened”. I believe it’s essential to know what to do in these cases and I am here to help.

As there is so much to learn about going gluten free for life and being happy at the same time I have written a whole book on the subject.

My book will take you through

  • Coeliac disease and Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity
  • What to do if you go Gluten Free and still have tummy troubles
  • What to do during acute attacks
  • How to tackle the kitchen and pantry
  • How to help children and teens that need to go Gluten Free
  • Shop with confidence- resource and chart to take the stress out of shopping
  • Medication, supplements, alcohol & gluten
  • Travelling & eating out while Gluten Free